Digital technology is profoundly Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List  methods and relationships between employees. In a context where the transformation of companies towards all digital seems inexorable, how can we not worry about the place of humans in this evolution? Raphaël Benda, secretary general of the AXA Atout Cœur Association, explains how associative involvement, with digital technology, fuels employees’ sense of belonging to a corporate culture that corresponds to them. A convincing example of what digital can bring in terms of human engagement. Put the employee’s commitment back at the center of the corporate culture The digital transformation of a company is not just a question of business or communication.

It also changes employees in their relationship to work: according to a 2017 OpinionWay study , more than 40% of employees in a company advanced in digital transformation nomadicize themselves. A trend that is associated with a gain in productivity observed by the majority of companies. But how to make this new way of working an opportunity for the employee to better identify with the culture of the company? Wouldn’t the nomadization of an employee be, at first glance, a risk for him to dissociate himself from his company? axa-a It was in 1991 that Claude Bébéar, founder of the AXA group, founded the AXA Atout Cœur association. The vocation of his approach? Unite the group’s employees around social projects by calling on voluntary and voluntary commitments. “

Digital Transformation At The Service Of People

The idea was to involve employees and not sponsor associations chosen according to the communication that we would like to make in return to promote the brand and buy a good conscience, explains Raphaël Benda. The societal role of the company must be carried by the employees. ” AXA Atout Cœur actions focus on 3 areas: exclusion linked to disability, health and social issues; to risk prevention education; and environmental protection. For the secretary general of the association, the arrival of digital becomes an opportunity to multiply the possibilities and create links: “The development of digital increasingly strong allows us to better forge relationships, to humanize them so that ‘they make sense. ” Digital transformation at the service of people When we talk about the digital revolution we inevitably think of the democratization of the mobile, the explosion of social networks and the exposure of oneself on these platforms.


Some will tend to criticize the “misanthropic” character of digital virtuality. However, in personal life as in business, these new uses are resolutely turned towards the social. “Digital is there to serve people and not the other way around,” recalls Raphaël Benda. A company must be aware that the user, end or original, will be above all human. Digital is not an end in itself, but a vector of communication between humans. In a professional context, it is a means which makes it possible to multiply the culture of the company. ” The presence of digital within the company is thus a factor in the development of contacts between colleagues. Within the framework of AXA Atout Cœur

A Real Need For Meaning For The New Generations

we share solidarity initiatives on social networks between colleagues, whether they are in our direct circle or scattered around the world in other subsidiaries of the association. A real need for meaning for the new generations For Raphaël Benda, the proliferation of social interactions via digital technology contributes to the construction of the image of users. The new generation no longer hesitates to show its commitments. We remember, for example, the initiative of Jérôme Jarre and his “Love Army” to come to the aid of the Rohingya people, widely relayed by his community. For Raphaël Benda, the company must encourage this desire for commitment: “We have a generation of young employees for whom the search for meaning in their commitment is expressed in a less complex way than previous generations.

Before, these needs were illustrated in the private sphere and not within the company. 32 He continues: “Society sends back an erroneous image of youth as a dehumanized generation in the face of digital technology when it is quite the opposite. I think that young people need to engage with others today, and it is up to the company to offer these solutions. The company is a place of life where we share a large part of our day with our colleagues and where we need to flourish ”. The proof is: for the Opinionway firm, the digital transformation brings a certain porosity between professional and personal life for more than 54% of employees. Companies must encourage voluntary actions To better encourage its employees to take part in voluntary actions, the AXA Group is flexible. How can companies be inspired by the approaches of society?

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