In addition, cosmetic brands or chains sometimes have a special collection or campaign, sucd P&G (in addition to Pantene also Head & Shoulders , etc.) are also fully involv. These collections are usually widely promot with social campaigns, but also through OOH (Out Of Home advertising). It is often a bit of “look at me being inclusive”. However, there are often Marketing Directors Email Lists good intentions and elaborations behind it. In any case, I assume that in the first instance, although it is also look at critically.

G2G is the business

Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

model of companies that are, as it is call in English, “ LGBT ow and operate” (abbreviat here to LOO for convenience ) and that mainly or exclusively focus on their ‘chosen family’, the other rainbows. This too began in the 1990s, when LGBT people began to stir not only to receive equal rights and recognition as human beings, but also to be recogniz and valued as consumers. You will not know many of the G2G brands as a straight. Unless you occasionally secretly read a gay glossy or visit a forum or web portal that are not actually intendfor you. Don’t be shy – you are (probably) welcome there and we could really use the support of Allies (the A in LGBTIQA+).

G2G co

Finally, let’s talk about G2C, or LOO companies that focus on the broad consumer market. These are actually not part of my research, because I focus on the LGBT consumer. In my survey for companies, in which 1,100 providers participat at the time, I did ask whether a company was LOO in order to be able to classify it.

In the US there are about 1.4 million of these companies, responsible for an annual turnoveine company co-own by Jim Obergefell. He is known for the case before the Supreme Court in the US that legaliz ‘gay marriage’ in 2015.

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