Some of these are available for free, while some may cost you money, but generally, information like this is affordable and not hard to come by. Also, no matter how obvious it sounds, you can find most valuable data on Google. Just make sure you use the most accurate keywords to search for the information you need. These may be terms that describe your industry or area of ​​expertise, product or service (including alternatives), subject, subject, location, etc. Which goals have been successfully achieved and where have your research failed? Participants : Who did you investigate or interview?

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Start with the most general terms and then narrow them down to more specific terms (eg Online Education > Online Courses > Online Language Courses > Online English Courses > Spanish English Courses, etc.). Of course, don’t miss out on social media. These are great directories to search for companies and brands in your niche, especially LinkedIn. With its Malta Phone Number tool and advanced filter settings, you can find a lot of interesting material for your research. complete your research After collecting primary and secondary research data, it’s time to summarize your findings. As long as you manage to draw the right conclusions from your research, it doesn’t matter how exactly you document your results.

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Chart primary Research Define

The best way to systematize what you reveal is to briefly describe your findings. This presentation will help you organize all the obtained data so that you can further process. The results and present them in front of your eyes when planning your marketing strategy. Plus, you can always take advantage of a well-crafted presentation when talking to business partners or investors. When preparing your presentation, focus on the following areas of your research. Objective Why on earth did you start this research?

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