The development of digital music has forced the music industry to change the way it interacts with consumers. It is the turn of social networks to change the rules of the game, as the Journal du Net observes . Do you remember Justin Bieber El Salvador Email List the music scene through YouTube? Video marketing, in particular, has slowly replaced MTV music videos. These clips were the first commercials in the music industry. Nowadays, we are more likely to discover new artists through sharing videos on social networks. To stand out on social media, you need to create a call sign, that is, a music logo. A music logo: what for? Objective 1: To attract attention on social networks. To achieve this, focus on creating a unique music logo .

This logo should reflect your business to your audience. You will need this for your avatar on YouTube and for your profile picture on other social networks. Your logo is an essential part of your online branding . Your logo should set the tone for your business. From the color of the illustrations to the style, your logo represents your entire business, all concentrated in the space of a square. Since we’re all about avatars and social media profiles, the way you use your logo sets the tone for your brand. Your logo introduces your business to consumers before they listen for the first time or turn to your organization.


How To Use Your Music Logo

If you want to attract new talent, sell instruments to musicians or introduce a new artist, remember that your logo is the first symbol of your brand that we will meet. This means that you have to take great care in it. Music logo ideas To inspire you, we have put together some examples of music logos. You will surely find ideas there to create a logo in tune with your brand. So let’s go over these logos to examine the first impression they convey. It will help you apply logo design principles to create your music logo. music-logo Abbey Road Studios It is true that the name of this recording studio is sufficient in itself. Since this is where The Beatles recorded their albums, Abbey Road Studios doesn’t need much more for its branding.


Having said that, taking a look at his music logo can give some ideas. Here are the highlights : Red and black letters on white background Symbol of a cube whose two faces are black and one face white and without border Abbey Road Studios in bold, Abbey Road in black and Studios in red And that’s all ! Simple but effective. The message of this music logo is that Abbey Road Studios is stepping outside the box. The studio offers bold and creative recording options. What more could you ask for when you’re a musician? music-logo Dungeon Recording Studios Here is another historic recording studio. Dungeon Recording Studios has seen the birth of some of the most formidable names. Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, Janelle Monae and Future… All of them are part of the Dungeon family.


Elements To Include In A Music Logo

A most eclectic mix! Zoom on the studio logo: Here again, a red, black and white logo Dungeon appears in large capital letters of white color, the texture of which is reminiscent of a concrete wall Recording Studios is in smaller letters with a style reminiscent of portable printer labels. Recording Studios appears in raised white letters on a brick red background One immediately thinks of the atmosphere of a dungeon. The colors, textures, and portable printer style are all very effective. While the Dungeon family is made up mostly of rap and hip hop artists, the logo is more universal. It easily attracts artists from rock and roll, emo and pop backgrounds. music-logo Shazam Now let’s look at Shazam .

This company in the music sector is dedicated to the discovery of music streaming. Shazam helps identify the music playing around you. This app also allows users to discover popular musicians, artists and songs. What does the Shazam logo look like? Its symbol is the interlocking of two C’s which together form an S The letters are white, in the center of a solid blue circle The symbol is tilted to give the impression of rotation This is the first impression conveyed by the Shazam logo. It is reminiscent of a spinning record without reference to the music. A good sign for a music logo! The color blue is both calm and inspiring. White stands out and creates a fresh style. The interlocking of Cs represents the fact that Shazam connects users to new music. The set sets the perfect tone for this company in the music industry.

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