but you still have to find the right content ideas. Essential to your SEO , a well thought out editorial planning and good content will significantly increase the interest of your visitors and their number . But with Internet users getting more and more information on the web , how do you find an Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List of ​​interesting content to grab their attention? If you don’t know where to start, if you are lacking the inspiration to create compelling editorial content , discover our tips and tools to find relevant content ideas and avoid the blank page syndrome. What is good content? content-idea-content-marketing.


Whether it’s your site, blog, newsletter, or even social media posts, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with a great idea for content. So how do you define good content? Good content is the set of all the editorial elements that will be searched, found and read, with the very intention of being shared by your targets. If you succeed in achieving this ultimate goal, you can congratulate yourself for unearthing some nuggets that will have impressed your readers. You don’t know how to conquer this grail? Do not panic ! In this article, you will find the different steps to take to work on your content ideas and satisfy your targets by offering them a quality editorial adapted to your business.

It’s Time To Take Care Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Also think about optimizing the information architecture of your website! Define your audience The first step in setting up a content marketing strategy is to identify your buyer personas (the different profiles of your audience) and precisely define their expectations and interests: Who are they ? (Age, sex, number, interests or consumption habits …) What are they looking for in general? What is their problem? How do they communicate? If you yourself cannot identify these buyer personas or the elements that will know how to “hook” them, some people can give you the information you need: Ask your sales or after-sales teams about your buyer personas.

Chances are they will have plenty of anecdotes to share with you. In constant contact with them, they are able to describe them to you and provide valuable information on commercial opportunities that they have detected (among the objections in particular!). Get inspired by comments added to your posts. Whether it’s those posted on your existing blog posts or on social media, this information will guide you on what they like and dislike and what topics they are reacting to. A good way to create a buzz … Survey your community. The survey is a useful marketing means to involve your communities, to show you to listen to its desires and anxious to answer its problems.

Is Your Site Traffic In Need Of A Boost?

After having identified who your readers or potential customers are and the reasons for which they would be likely to be interested in your content, list in addition the expertise of your company so that the solutions it offers can meet their expectations. Observe the competition and recent players in your sector There is nothing wrong with imitating the best! Of course, you will avoid copying or plagiarizing your competition. Google wouldn’t like much and feel obligated to sanction you! On the other hand, using editorial subjects already covered by the competition but revisited by you, can have a real interest for your readers. Indeed, at a time when the consumer drinks comparisons on the internet, several opinions on the same question are always appreciable.

Your perspective will bring height to the question being addressed and a very particular relevance if you add additional elements based on your expertise and your professional and / or personal experience . Of course, you will have taken care beforehand to sort through the themes tackled by your competitors , reserving for yourself those which will have obtained the most success! Where to find these topics? On your competitors’ blogs , their publications on social networks , their Youtube channel … By subscribing to their newsletters , By staying on the lookout for publications from specialized players and sector experts who often address topical issues.

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