Google’s Question Center Gone are the days of not knowing what to write about, especially if your business or client operates in a niche industry. This will definitely boost your keyword and content strategy. The only downside right now is that it’s only available in the US, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. When will you arrive in the UK? Google didn’t say, but I’ve personally signed up for the waiting list, which Tunisia Phone Number be found on the issue center page, so will be notified when it rolls out in the UK, so keep an eye out for that space. Google My Business performance report We speak, provided by Google My Business. Digital marketers have felt a little lacking in its insights section for years, but now a new performance report is out and it’s now available for you to use for local SEO.

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Google My Business Performance Report Some of the metrics you can view include. The number of calls and messages you’ve received within a time frame. The search terms used to find your business information in Google Search and Google Maps. It’s certainly more useful to now be able to view data from. Up to six months ago, rather than just three months. Google My Business Tunisia Phone Number Report However, these reports lack valuable insights such as website hits. Photo views and some other metrics that were previously available. This may explain the hasty release, but hopefully all data points will migrate to the new platform eventually. Another viewing space. Google Search Console Coverage Report January seems to be the month of insight. Google has also updated Search Console’s reach report which now better informs digital. Marketers of issues that may be preventing Google from crawling and indexing pages.

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Google Search Console Coverage Report More specifically, among other changes, Google has added more granular index coverage status and categories, so you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. Google supports Black History Month In support of Black History Month, after a 600% increase in search interest over the past year , Google updated its shopping search results and used a new label to identify Black-owned businesses . Google’s Black-Owned Shopping Tab Businesses can now add Black-owned attributes to their products in Google Merchant Center so searchers can easily find them. However, this is currently only available in the US, and although it’s celebrating Black History Month, it’s still a feature, so fingers crossed it’ll be available in the UK soon.

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