Many say it loud and clear, trust is important! Scotland Email List  Some say that today, we can no longer trust, others that we never trust or that “my trust must be earned”. And the most affirmative think that it is decreed, that it is decided, and go so far as to post it on the walls! And in this complex situation of health crisis in which we find ourselves, the relationship of trust is, more than ever, central. The reality of things In reality, in my opinion, trust is built step by step , but it takes two, otherwise, it is not possible. First, if everyone leaves with a priori positive at the start (or at least neutral, because we are in France  ), it is built over the days, it is demonstrated by the words that must be followed by actions and c This is the most difficult.

This alignment must take place at all levels of the company, from the CEO to work colleagues, including middle managers. Everyone must respect the word given and allow them to express themselves, to explain themselves, to listen to each other in order to fully understand each other and dispel the slightest deviations. And this is the difficulty: everyone has their reading grid, their way of thinking, with only some of the elements to understand things. When you multiply by the number of people, levels of management and over time, things can quickly become distorted or shifted. Bosses and trust The leaders have taken over or created their businesses and often alone, without placing great trust in others.

The Reality Of Things

They have often suffered fine betrayals too, employees in whom they have placed their trust and who ultimately betrayed them for more or less sincere reasons. Each boss dream that employees trust him and if possible from the Premi er day, but parallel, the company will explain that the business confidence (the manager or head) is to win as and because this trust is earned  Employees and trust The candidate looking for a job dreams of one thing with his future employer : finally to find a company (a manager or a chef) who trusts him . He deserves it, he’s been working for X years


, he’s always been great and nobody really gave him the trust he deserved. On the other hand, as he has already been scalded, his new employer will have to show a white paw before he can grant him his. We quickly understand from reading these two points of view that the exercise is not going to be super simple, especially since we are in France, where the basic message is not the most calming in the world of work. Two people in front of a window with GoodBuy media logo And in Denmark, how is it going? When we did our learning expedition to Denmark

Bosses And Trust

we were surprised by a lot of things, but some left their mark on our minds. First, Denmark is a country much more peaceful than ours on a daily basis, which is at full employment, which is good for the contract of trust between employees and companies, because when things are not going well and we feel betrayed, it is not complicated, we leave our post, we will find easily. But the most striking element is a priori trust . Everyone trusts each other from the start. The company, when it recruits, immediately and unconditionally grants total trust in the employee, and the employee also grants total confidence in his new employer . There is no observation period, everyone leaves with a positive a priori on the other and that changes everything!

,And at MV Group? We are not Danish but we trust from the Premi er day. We take the time to explain that, if we have recruited the employee, it is because we trust them and that we will do it immediately but that we expect the reciprocal. It is an exercise that I do personally during the integration process and which is relayed by each of the managers. I have read a lot of books on liberated companies which explain that on average, there are 4% of cheaters (this is true for employees but also for companies), so we cannot penalize others 96% who are clean! It is true that from time to time we have come across bad people, and in this case we do not give any gifts, the sanction is immediate,


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