According to the gentlemen, what matters is that you are willing to develop yourself and learn what you need together with others. They have developed 365 Academy for this: the online community that you can join for free. In return, you get free content that inspires and motivates you to explore what you need to live your happiest life.

In that respect, the name of the brand is somewhat unfortunate. Arjan and David are not so much concerned with showing people what they need to be successful every day. They help people discover what they need to live their precious time on Earth in a way that offers them as many moments of happiness as possible. That is a path that everyone takes for themselves, but as human beings we can inspire, help and support each other in this. That is what they do every day from an inspired mission.


What drives them in their work is their inspiration: their friend Jip. Arjan and David, very successful themselves (with a background in marketing), founded the company following the lessons their friend Jip gave them. Jip took part in the Over my Corpse program in 2012. He was terminally ill and called on his friends not to die with him: “You don’t know how much time you have! Is this what you want to do with that time? To argue? Are you stressed? Unhappy at work or in your relationship? This is not a dress rehearsal for ‘real life’ that will soon begin. This is it.”

Jip called on them to do something with what he had learned: everyone dies, but not everyone really lives. You’re dead most of the time, so in those few years you’re alive, please do something that makes you blissfully happy.

Arjan and David realized that they were not happy with their work, even though they were still so successful. From that moment on they let go of everything and started working on their mission to make the Australia Accountant Email Lists Netherlands the happiest country in the world. They started with a book, an online community and events. They focused on four clear pillars in which they wanted to become a happiness expert:

  • Health

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  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Financial situation

The how: a strong basic concept & an online community

But how do you handle this? How do you become an expert? Arjan and David prove with their method that you don’t have to do and be able to do everything yourself. And that this is not a condition for success. Being open to the knowledge, insights and skills that are already present in the world and working together helps to develop yourself and your company. In this way they developed a result-oriented, inspiring, clear and, above all, accessible methodology. With the help of smart scientists, thinkers, philosophers, entrepreneurs, gurus and writers. This core method is the basis that is reflected in all their work: the 365 Academy with free and paid offers, an annual program with online help (the Miracle Roadmap) and other offers such as events and books. More on that later.

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