“Do you create websites? ” Is often the return that I get when I mention my web developer business. I answer “yes” most of the time, but being a developer is so much more. I have been working as a web developer for 6 years now, mainly PHP back-end ; profession so popular with the new generation and yet so little known. The profession of web developer calls for a lot of clichés. We often imagine a geek in the dark, why not in his attic, long hair (but never a woman), headphones on the ears, in front of a screen, even several screens (not so cliché after all), and whose social interactions come down to raids on World Of Warcraft. He types lines of codes on his keyboard without thinking too much …

And here is a website! We Mauritania Email List the caricature a little, because the reality of the developer profession is very different. be-an-IT-developer “What is it then ?” We can separate developers into two main categories, Back-End and Front-End. Between the two there are the Fullstacks which combine Back and Front. Back-End Developers communicate with the database, transform customer business requests into code, and create entry points for Front-End Developers. Front-End Developers take the code from Back-End Developers and transform it into material that visitors can use.

Is Often The Feedback I Receive When

It is thanks to them that something happens when you click on an element of a site or an application! “You’re on your computer all the time, you’re asocial actually!” Whether you’re a Back-End, Front-End or Fullstack developer, you don’t code alone in your cellar. Close collaboration is necessary with several trades: The IT architect who performs the technical analysis of the need and sets the technical constraints that the developer must respect. The UI / UX designer responsible for creating a pleasant and practical design for users. The models are then integrated by the developers. The project manager holds the client’s business knowledge and manages the planning.


The system administrator who manages the server on which the project is hosted. As developers, we are responsible for telling him which tools are necessary for the proper functioning of the application. And finally, the other developers working on other features of the application. “So you’re just coding …” article-anaelleIn smaller structures where the functions are often less defined, the developer has to wear several hats. It is therefore necessary to acquire knowledge about the different trades that make up the profession. Intrinsically in the profession of developer,

“Do You Create Websites?

it is also essential to make technological watch in order to keep its technical knowledge up to date and to be aware of the novelties. Rigor and method, two essential qualities for a good developer! Knowing how to code is good, but it is also necessary to be able to respect the constraints of the project and carry out all the tasks in the allotted time. With experience, a developer can himself estimate the development time needed to meet customer demands and come up with the best tools to meet the needs. “It’s not as easy as I thought” We often think of developers as simple “throwaway” performers, paid to type lines of code without thinking too much.

It is a mistake to consider this profession as such. Writing code is a complex and I would say intellectual task. Becoming a good developer and producing good code is all the more complex. Because that’s what we’re talking about! There are hundreds of ways to code a feature of a site, application, or software. Being a good developer means knowing how to choose the best way to do things and not be satisfied with a “it’s not great, but it works”. Choose the best way to do things, while respecting deadlines and constraints, taking into account technical innovations and the evolution of tools, seek to constantly improve and work as a team: and yes, that’s a lot to to manage ! I would now know what to say to people who ask me what I do for a living. NB:

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