Then publish and your video now has structure! When and whether to use your video in search results is at Google’s discretion, but you’ve greatly increased your chances of getting more out of your video. Use this China Phone Number technique to improve your current videos or make them part of a new strategy while developing a video strategy that includes video SEO . If you need more help, take a quick look at this guide to schema tagging with tag managers .

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If your video is part of a blog post, you can also add an article schema to the page to describe the textual content. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably thought about what makes people happy. I’m not talking China Phone Number the many influencers on social media. Who display false happiness every day confounding. The next generation about what our cultural norms are. I’m not talking about meditation, yoga, healthy eating, or the whole bunch of things we need to do that might make us happy. I’m certainly not talking about money.

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I went on a happiness journey during lockdown – completing the same five tasks 21 days a day. Each task is backed by scientific research, and they will make you happier. While it did work to some extent, the short-term China Phone Number pleasure it created disappeared as soon as I stopped my daily tasks. It got me thinking about how marketing can make people feel, at least in the short term. And what we as marketers can do to keep our customers happy after purchasing. Most Western cultures are now well versed in our marketing strategies.

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