Use web tools for relevant content ideas Several tools have been widely proven to assist you in your search for content ideas. Spot the trends of the moment By indicating a sector, a company or even a keyword, content aggregators (RSS feeds) such as Feedly or Netvibes submit all Swaziland Email List news to you. You will then get relevant and above all recent content ideas! Identify attractive content Identify the hottest topics with Buzzsumo , the tool that collects the most shared articles on social networks . Enter your keyword and access the most attractive content ideas in one click! A useful aid for quickly viewing the subjects that appeal to the greatest number.


Expand your base of content ideas We no longer present it, Google offers its tool ” Google Trends ” to distinguish the trends of the moment. This related search feature is great for blowing you some great content ideas if you are down. By entering a keyword or a subject that you have identified, a whole list of suggestions will appear at the bottom of the page displaying the searches most commonly carried out by Internet users and associated with your entry. So many subjects likely to interest your audience. A good hearer! Formulate your content topics The powerful HubSpot marketing automation platform offers a topic generator . By indicating 2 to 3 keywords,

They Use The Questions Asked By Their Customers

HubSpot offers you 5 new ideas for topics related to these keywords. Another way to find several ideas for content around the same subject. content-marketing-hubspot Read our tips for a successful content strategy! Before you get started, our good tips! Don’t start from scratch To save time, you can “recycle” your old content by updating or enriching it. Refreshing old content offers you a significant advantage. This practice allows you to keep the SEO benefits already gained from the initial content. Be responsive First come, first served ! Found a great idea for content on a topic that just came out? Don’t wait for your competition to grab it before you do.

By practicing ” newsjacking “, you will greatly increase your volume of readers. So be responsive! Be the first to post content as soon as a topic appears because your audience will also be on the lookout for this information. Give different angles to your content To properly process a content idea, it is important not to rush to think it over. What problem should your content answer? The answer to this question should guide the type and format of content to be produced. Do your future customers need a blog post offering them one or more alternatives? Will they be more interested in a video demonstration or video tutorial of your product or solution? An educational and detailed white paper?

Content Is King Card With Colorful Background

A quantified study? A game… ? To do this well, align your topics with the expertise of your business by using understandable vocabulary adapted to your buyer personas. Speaking to them will make them feel more in tune with what you are telling them. Lateral thinking You’ve identified content that works well and refreshed it already. And this subject is still fascinating … Why not decline it? By offering several angles of view to the same subject, you approach it in different ways and will then produce several contents around the same theme. A series of contents By approaching a subject from several angles, this method can lead to the creation of a thematic series of content in different formats . Enough to vary them, attract more traffic and keep the readers already acquired in suspense.

Archive new sources of inspiration close-up-cup-drink-1549704Throughout your days, you can discover subjects that interest you whether or not they are professional subjects. They can come from different sources: a newspaper clipping, a photo taken on the fly during a walk or an event, a flyer, an advertisement or simply a note scribbled by hand following a brilliant idea. that you just thought of. Everything is good to archive these sources in an “Inspiration” folder that you will keep preciously for your future research for content ideas. Because indeed, they could also interest your readers … Get inspired by your successes and failures

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