More and more companies are using UX writing to improve the user experience on their website. This recent discipline consists of writing for interface design by placing user needs at the heart of the process . In this article, discover the fundamentals of UX writing, its objectives, its role in a digital project as well as best practices. Introduction to UX writing To understand UX writing, just observe the difference between mailchimp 404 error pages and

In the first case, the tone Nigeria Phone Number List the words used aim to create a link with the user , contributing to the brand image. In the second case, the message is informative and factual but without any emotion or identity of its own . MailChimp and many GAFA use UX writing to ensure the best user experience. mailchimp ux writing yes-sncf-ux-writing At the origins: the copywriter UX writing is fairly recent. Communication agencies were first equipped with copywriters , specialized in writing advertising and marketing content. The role of editor then emerged.

This one focuses on writing web content with an SEO and acquisition oriented approach. Now there is also UX writing . Focused on user needs, this discipline is at the border of editorial strategy, content marketing, brand content, user research , design and UX design. In the case of Mailchimp for example, it is clear that UX writing incorporates these practices. The work of the UX writer The UX writer’s mission is to make digital interfaces easy to use through the text, tone and content offered.

We Talk A Lot About Ux Design

All these elements are essential to guide the user and lead him to carry out the desired actions. The UX writer works to reduce the cognitive load of interfaces (according to the less is more principle ), to make actions more readable and to convey and make transpire the values of the brand . It focuses in particular on micro-content creating buttons, loading screens, notifications, error messages, labels or even help texts. A UX writer must have a good pen .


Another fundamental quality: empathy . Like the UX designer, he must understand the needs of the users , putting himself in their shoes to make the best choices. It is important that he also has a good command of interface design and user journeys, as well as knowledge of SEO. So that it can fully fulfill its role, the UX writer must be present from the implementation of the project and in particular during user tests , where it ensures the use of adequate formulations and their good understanding by the users.

On some projects, there may be disagreements between the UX writer and marketing and / or communication. Indeed, brand objectives can sometimes be incompatible with user needs . UX writing best practices UX writing must follow a systematic approach. It is effective when: It is integrated into all stages of the design It is based on simple editorial rules : conciseness, clarity, no jargon, no double negation, no passive voice and no relative time (tomorrow, yesterday, etc.) The editorial line is coherent and constant

What Is Ux Writing?

The content is structured It uses emotional logics in micro-content and all the stages that can cause frustration to transform them into inspiring moments. It integrates test and hypothesis control tools : A / B setting, user tests or even heatmap UX writing in action Here are some examples of UX writing shared by the UX Design collective : Airbnb shows its users the type of message hosts expect to receive (the user isn’t starting from scratch!) What is UX writing? Airbnb example Google increased engagement by 17% by replacing “Book a room” message with “Check availability” for hotel reservations

What is UX writing? Google example Tumblr seeks to minimize the frustration of the user who finds out that their username is already taken twitter ux writing While UX writing is a relatively new term, the craft isn’t really. Good UX designers and good writers have always integrated the logic and practices of UX writing . However, this presupposes having carried out good editorial research beforehand and having clearly defined the content strategy. Be careful, it can be difficult to reconcile the work of UX writer with SEO and marketing.

The real challenge is to decompartmentalize the digital professions and improve collaboration between the different players. It is by maximizing each of the skills and expertise that digital projects will be more efficient and effective. Eco-web design is also a virtuous approach: by improving the energy efficiency of your website, you improve your web speed and performance, and therefore mechanically, Google considers your site to be more efficient and improves its referencing.

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