Is the page loading time within the standards ( server resources , caching, image weight, etc.) . You can take a test on PageSpeed Insights . Are the pages of your site well constructed ( markup , title structure, images, internal and external linking, etc.) ? The criteria of the user experience of years your audit The analysis of the user experience is an essential step in the audit of a website , even in the context of a redesign of user journeys ! These are sometimes design errors that are causing performance problems , and it is important, before a revision of certainly know what does not work, but it works!

Design More than a Ivory Coast Phone Number List opinion, it is about analyzing current practices (and if possible those of your competitors): What visual markers are used ( use of colors, typographies, design styles, etc.) ? Does your site remain readable on all navigation devices ( responsive web design ) ? Are your pages readable ( prioritization of information, ventilation, etc.) ? Ergonomics There are major ergonomic principles on which we can rely in the context of a website audit (the best known being those defined by Bastien and Scapin ).

This is to measure the quality of the ergonomics of your site , in particular: The fluidity of navigation (tree pages …) The interaction design , The building templates (zoning elements, information accessibility …). The criteria for converting your website The conversion is the sinews of war. It is one of the main KPIs for analyzing the performance of a website . Depending on your digital ecosystem, the conversion can be multiple: Completion of a purchase

Concretely, This Means That Your Website Must

Sending a contact form ; Download of a brochure; Clicks on a CTA (call to action button) ; Redirection to a specific page or site ; Etc. the-main-kpi Because the conversion analysis depends on the technical , design and ergonomic aspects of your website , it is better to save this analysis part for the end of your audit. For example, you may find that almost none of your Internet users use your site’s search engine and the ergonomic analysis will have enabled us to understand that it is not used because it is not visible.


Analyze the other components of your digital ecosystem A website audit cannot be complete without analyzing all the building blocks that make up your digital strategy . To perform a full analysis, take a closer look at : Your presence on social networks (er ed reputation, commitment, from site traffic …) ; The impact of your web marketing actions (in terms of engagement, business, etc.) ; The impact of your offline actions (poster campaign, radio spots, etc.) ; The audit RGPD compliance ; Etc. The technical audit of your website The technical audit of your website has several objectives:

How do I make sure my device is secure ? How can I guarantee the scalability and technical performance of my existing product? How can I be sure that I will be able to cope with peaks in consumption tomorrow ? … technical-debt (1)Different technical audits can be carried out to answer these questions: Of load tests , to measure the capacity of your existing resist sudden peaks of consumption. These load tests artificially launch many scenarios of fake Internet users and identify bottlenecks, slowdowns and breaking points to identify where the weaknesses of your system are ;

Audit The Seo Technique Of Your Site Last

Of penetration testing : one p arle testing intrusion into white box (one who attempts an intrusion has access to the back office and knows the operation of your system), or black box (it’s a test to ‘blind, without knowing anything about your tool) ; The technical audits of your solution, your accommodation, designed to ensure that technical debt n is not too Large ante, the technical system is up to date security updates, the technology used is still effective ,… ; … These technical audits give you visibility on the “health” of your technical asset , its ability to cope with the next evolutions and guarantee you that you can always count on it, or that a cleaning / optimization is imposed.

How to perform a complete website audit? Depending on the maturity of your project, several website audit solutions exist. Free tools  : open access audits are often quite generic and technical ( PageSpeed Insights , Woorank, etc.). They can meet your needs if you are just looking for a first analysis but will not help you understand the strategy to put in place ; pagespeed-insights Paid tools  : Paid audits are obviously more comprehensive than free audits and often focus on the SEO dimension ( SEMrush , MOZ, etc.) ;

Human analysis  : whether you have free or paid tools , you can not cut off human analysis. Never forget that the art tools give you figures as human expertise you provided does an analysis and recommendations for optimization . For nearly 15 years, Adimeo has supported its clients in their website redesign project . In this context, we realize a website audits panel: audit statistics , SEO audit , audit editorial , audit and ergonomic design , technical audit , …


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