Like every Friday, we share with you Eritrea Email List  the articles that we appreciated in the blogosphere. If you haven’t had time to read everything this back-to-school week, here’s a little reminder of what seemed relevant to us. And this week, there is good: stop sharing, bloggers and brands, linkedIn news, and original candidacy of Ronan Boussicaud. Good reading ! The Robin Hood facepalm Klaire is known for her rants that are as fair as they are funny. We are big fans. And when she tackles the lastdisastermusical with Matt Pokora, it’s really very good.

To read ! Bloggers and brands: what if we raised the debate The relationships between brands and bloggers are a chestnut of articles and posts on the web. But we very often read content that is more than questionable. Gregory Pouy, who knows his subject well, tells us more, and comes out of the usual prejudices. It changes ! The new design of LinkedIn groups The blog dedicated to ya-graphic design introduces us to the new design of LinkedIn groups. If you are an administrator of groups on the work network, you should like this article. Do not share an article from! Finally, someone is devoting themselves to asking Twitter users to stop tweeting their links.

The Robin Hood Facepalm

And we can only say bravo to this post which clearly highlights the limits of curation. Why not post the direct links? The post is complete and objective. A real success! 10 unusual offices for working from home Here are 10 unusual or even completely incredible offices for and by teleworking enthusiasts. Personally I really like the giant hammock desk, even if for productivity, it is surely not the best. Analysis of KitKat’s Marketing Success in Japan We all know the KitKat, the candy, not the latest version of Android. But it is particularly interesting to analyze the success of the brand in Japan. A real marketing masterpiece brought to light by And it would almost make you want to taste KitKat wasabi.


TellMarcel: the original candidacy of Ronan Boussicauld Ronan Boussicaud, who writes regularly on the blog La Psychée du Web Social, wants to be hired by the Marcel agency. And for that, he launched a real marketing campaign: dedicated Tumblr, targeted tweets, dedicated hashtag, Vine, Facebook ads. The approach has been talked about on social networks and is a good reflection on personal marketing. Case to be continued in any case!… to enlighten brands in their understanding of Chinese behavior and uses, and strategies and solutions to take full advantage of a dynamic but increasingly competitive market context. Since 2011, we have witnessed the singularity and the rise of digital China, by sharing how its impact is growing.

The New Design Of Linkedin Groups

The turning point is underway. The theme of this 8th edition is “China, The New World’s Inspiration”. We are living in year 1 of a new digital world order (the titans – the BATs have reached a milestone in their expansion and their impact on the global economy – this is particularly the case in entertainment (gaming, video, cinema), luxury goods, e-commerce / cross border, payment solutions, electric or autonomous cars, IOT, etc.) – and a new generation of entrepreneurs who have built empires in just a few years – with Didi (buyout of Uber, bike sharing), Toutiao (Newsfeed powered by AI) Meituan-Dianping, group purchases,

As China inspires the West more and more, and even better, as more and more COMEX define an “APAC / China first” roadmap, we will start to establish an East-West dialogue on strategic subjects such as retail, influence marketing or innovation. What can you tell us about the speakers? The DNA of China Connect is its “sinosity”: the professionals are Chinese, based in China, or with rather long experience of China. Among them, the CEO of Secoo, the CEO of Robin8, a “powered by AI” platform for brand optimization / KOL (Key Opinion Leader), the CEO of the Beaumanoir Group in China, Meitu Inc, whose photo applications Meitu and video Meipai, illustrate the explosion in the social commitment of Chinese “netizens”, the Managing Director Greater China of the social media agency We Are Social, the CEO of the Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group,

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