Do they contain one or more drop-down lists? They are very practical but harm the user experience … The form design is a sensitive topic in a creative project or redesign a website . The forms, if they are optimized, promote conversion and make it possible to retrieve valuable information on leads / prospects. The drop-down list (or dropdown list ) is a type field included by default in most tools for creating forms. This design pattern popular is often used excessively and its main use hijacked … \\

The UX Designer hate Chile Phone Numbers List lists because they are not very pretty and somewhat customizable. Developers love them because they are easy to integrate … When should I use a drop-down list ? In what context is it not suitable? What repercussions on the user experience ? What solutions to replace drop-down lists ? L is the drop ist, the enemy of the user experience ? When it comes to web design , it is impossible to overlook the concept of user experience .

The UX ( or user experience ) indicates the quality of the overall experience of users on a web interface. Obviously, this is not limited to design, aesthetics or even animations … UX includes the notions of ergonomics and usability . Particular attention must be paid to the ergonomics of the forms . The form is an important lever for conversion (contact forms, download forms, etc.). The use of drop-down lists should be carefully considered. Why ?

Drop-down List: The Enemy Of User Experience?

Because it s slow down visitors and may interfere with the experience user . Indeed, the completion of a drop-down list requires more effort and time from the user : C lic s extra s , Interruption of typing flow , Difficult reading of the elements of the list with a line spacing often reduced to a minimum, Scrolling through options (additional action) when the list of choices is long, Difficulty of selection with the mouse and risk of error,


Incomplete display of options beyond a certain number of characters (especially on mobile), … So, drop-down list or not? Drop-down list, from how many options? Its versatility and ease of use make the drop-down list a very popular tool, so much so that it is often misused to the detriment of other types of fields. The drop-down list allows you to choose between an unlimited number of options (a priori two options minimum).

Consider this example of a drop-down list with three response options: example – drop-down list – 3 options The web developer has certainly chosen to integrate a drop-down list for ease. Alternatives, more aesthetic and above all more user- friendly , are possible in the case of a reduced list of options. This is the case with radio buttons, to be preferred to drop-down lists below 5 response options. The user only needs one click to select their answer.

Do They Contain One Or More Drop-down Lists?

Typing is faster and the design more attractive . radio-button-drop-down-list This type of button can be used for single-choice or multiple-choice questions (with checkboxes). If the user is offered to choose between more than 5 answers, the drop-down list is the most suitable solution. In the case of a very long list of options (a list of cities or countries for example), it is possible to integrate a filter / search field to avoid endless scrolling.

The filter field can also be associated with an autocomplete function to facilitate the search. The drop-down list can also allow the selection of several answer choices to meet specific needs: multi-autocomplete-drop-list (1)Multi-selection drop-down list with autocomplete function Drop-down list or switch / toggle? It is useless to offer a drop-down list to answer a simple question with a “yes” or “no” answer! And yet it is a great classic … drop-down-list-two-options

A switch button / toggle ( toggle switch ) is a much better option : Jul-23-2020 14-22-25 drop-down list and date entry : good idea? One of the worst examples is using a drop-down menu to fill in a date. The user begins to complete a form. He gives his name, first name, email address , phone number. A priori, he did not even need to use his mouse to do all that … He must now enter his date of birth , in the form of drop-down lists … gif-drop-down-date of birth

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