So to summarize Marketing to millennials is not easy, in fact, you need to take a whole new approach, not the old one, but thankfully the main thing that hasn’t changed is to engage the audience’s emotions and Interests that Peru Phone Number more may make you sell. Remember relevance always trumps reach! See how we emphasize strategic marketing to achieve your marketing goals. How do you stand out at Christmas when everyone is doing the same thing? Different. We’ve got some great tips on how to do just that this festive season. Imagine being told to stand in a room full of people this Christmas, and the only goal of everyone in that room is to shout louder than everyone else.

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Leverage User Generated Content Millennials are original content creators, and more than 45% of them regularly create unique content. So how does this help me promote my product? is a possible response to this fact, but try to Peru Phone Number at it another way. 45% of them regularly create content that helps you promote your product! Social media thrives on user-generat content, and it’s call “social media. You need to engage with people in creative ways that they like, not just release new products and their benefits. Starbucks A good example of a company that does this on a regular basis is Starbucks Coffee. Starbucks has held various “cup” contests over the years, asking users to send their favorite photos of Starbucks coffee mugs or designing their own to win prizes.

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This is a simple and effective way to increase brand awareness and social Peru Phone Number giveaways, like simple polls on Twitter and LinkedIn that encourage people to participate, but they do need to actually participate. For example, don’t ask people to vote on which of your products they prefer, as most people probably haven’t purchased all of the options you listed. Instead, run a poll and get them involv in the creation of a new product. This can be as simple as what new color they would like to see your best selling shoes, what new flavor of smoothie they would like to see, etc.

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