You and your friends are looking forward to the weekend, but you don’t expect the hotel to be that great. At best, you’re expecting a 6/10. When you get there, the reality is it’s not as bad as you might think, a solid 8/10. Your Germany Phone Number eality exceeds your expectations, and you are quite happy with the situation. You might not recommend this hotel right away, but you wouldn’t mind staying again because you’ve already had a grea experience.

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Let’s get one thing straight I’m not suggesting that your marketing efforts are worse than the actual experience. I’m not saying if you’re a hotel posting horrible pictures. Just don’t fool people for short-term wins. What I Germany Phone Number want to say is: The experience of your product or service should always strive to exceed your customers’ expectations and give them a truly happy and memorable experience. This will allow you to increase the lifetime value of each customer as they are more likely to repeat purchases and recommend your business to their peers.

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Two of the most cost-effective ways to increase long-term sales for any business. happy enough to buy So how does this work in practice? Well, before you use your product or service beyond people’s expectations, you first Germany Phone Number need them to buy it. As marketers, we can do this ethically in a number of ways… strategy It should always start with a marketing strategy. A marketing plan without research is just a gut feeling, and while this may work for some marketers, it’s not scalable.

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