Marketplaces offer incomparable visibility to e-merchants, but competition is fierce … The choice of this business model also makes it possible to diversify sources of income . There is still the question of customer loyalty since the consumer is a customer of the marketplace and not of the e-merchant … Facebook also created its own marketplace in 2017: facebook marketplace

The mono-product The mono-product, as its Philippines Phone Number List suggests, consists of offering only one and unique product on its online store . Even stronger than niche sites, the single-product site allows you to position yourself as an expert on a particular product and play the hyper- specialty card . The company makes its product a brand in its own right. A single-product strategy cannot exist without an effective marketing strategy articulated around the sales funnel.

It also makes it possible to work better on the natural referencing (SEO) of the site, from the content of the pages to the domain name. These are often “one page” sites. Navigation is simplified, fluid, and the presence of numerous CTAs (“call-to-action” or buttons) promotes conversion.All efforts are focused on the user experience and on the writing of the product sheet . The performances are also optimized . An e-shop with a large product catalog needs a long time to display.

Both For Sellers And Consumers

A site composed of only one page is necessarily lighter … The “Comme à Lisbon” site is a good example of a single-product site. This is not a one-page site. Other pages are effectively put forward to present products available in physical stores only. However, there is only one product available online: pasteis de nata (Portuguese pastry). Business models the Is a scam? False ! (But more and more true …) Originally, what is ?


It is the sale of products via a website which acts as a showcase and intermediary between a supplier and the end customer . Hence the term “dropshipping”: “sell what you don’t have” … The customer places an order on the showcase site. The order is sent directly to the supplier site. Creating a dropshipping site is rather simple, especially with the Shopify CMS . For the e-merchant, the initial investment is low and is limited to the creation of the site and the reservation of the domain name.

Dopshipping does not require the purchase of stock, nor special logistics since the order is processed by the supplier. So why is dropshipping often associated with a scam? Because the success of dropshipping has attracted its share of ambitious and sometimes over-ambitious entrepreneurs. They ride the wave and sell low-end products with big ads on social networks. During the lockdown, social networks were overflowing with advertisements of this kind. Sewing kits, embroidery, and other manual activities to keep busy during this long time were all the rage on Facebook.

Marketplaces On The Market

The kits sold on average between 25 and 35 €, or even more, are in fact available on well-known Chinese sites for no more than 10 € … Once the order has been placed, it is almost impossible for buyers to contact them. client service. And the websites are unavailable after a few weeks / months… What about the consumer who has not received his order? Here is an example of a dropshipping site created with the Shopify CMS. This changing bag is sold at € 69.99 for an initial displayed price of € 139.99. It is marketed on many sites created with this same CMS.

In fact, a strangely similar bag is available for 15 € on the two Chinese sites that we all know … dropshpping example – Facebook advertising dropshipping example Boxs / Subscriptions You could not miss the “box” type subscriptions ! The concept is simple: for a few euros per month (more or less euros …), subscribers receive a monthly box whose content is a surprise. The subscriber can decide to keep all the products and then often benefits from a preferential rate.

He can also return all or part of the articles if he does not like it. These boxes abound, especially on social networks. If the biggest players in the market collect subscribers, the newbies are struggling to find a place. This business model cannot live without a well-crafted web marketing strategy . It is the business model specific to the world of start-ups . It is reserved for niche products or recurring consumption (obviously, otherwise there is no interest in paying the box every month …)

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