When it comes to technical SEO optimization, is your hair standing on end? Do not panic ! The technique is not particularly complicated. It must always remain at the service of the “business” to achieve the objective of your activity. But how to better apprehend it? Is it enough just to understand the challenges of technical development and its impact on the SEO of your site? The technical aspect is important for your SEO strategy ! Improving the natural referencing of your website requires technical optimization work.

After reading this article, the Macedonia Email List of sites by search engines will have no more secrets for you. And you will be fluent in the jargon of your web technicians! Why is optimizing your site’s SEO technique so important? Whatever technologies are used to develop your website, they should always serve the positioning of your site on search engines. all about technical SEO optimization Before even talking about technical SEO optimization , it is advisable to give your site a sound technical basis to avoid “upsetting” them ,

How To Understand The Seo Technique?

to allow them to index your content as efficiently as possible and to attract as much traffic as possible . In fact, every technical element has a useful reason to be used for the benefit of your SEO strategy . Some are essential, others apply only in certain contexts. In any case, each of these practices must be used wisely and in no case be “over-optimized” at the risk, conversely, of penalizing the image of your site and its overall positioning. Here is an exhaustive list of these technical practices to put in place. The essential technical points for good SEO and a good SEO strategy Impossible to miss. These terms you have heard them 1000 times.


It’s time to understand their meaning. Let’s take stock of these essentials … Markup Markup concerns all the HTML tags on your site that allow you to structure and read the content of its pages. We will not be able to list them all here because they are very numerous. However, here are the categories of tags that exist: The first level tags: <html>, <head> and <body> which are essential to code the content of your pages, Header tags: located within the <head> tag of your site, they indicate the main links (<link>); the famous “meta title” (<title>) and “meta-description” (<meta>) of the site: the title and description of your home page on the SERPs; the <script> tag which allows you to integrate functions in Javascript and the <style> tag to read the formatting of your page via the CSS file of your site (fonts, colors, boxes, etc.),

Is It Enough To Understand The Challenges

Text structuring tags to organize the presentation of your content within your pages: texts, images, menus, quotes, etc., List, table, form, section, generic tags (<span> / <div> …). You will understand, markup is essential to facilitate the passage and reading of search engines on the pages of your site. The Webrankinfo site offers a very useful tool to optimize the hierarchy of your titles on your pages:  . With this tool you can easily identify if you have too many or not enough intermediate tags. STRUCTURED DATA AND META-DATA Whatever type of content you publish on your site, structuring your data will allow better indexing on search engines by adding attributes to each of the elements present.

To illustrate, here are some examples of “micro data” (structured data) that you can indicate on the product page of an e-commerce site: Product Name, Pictures, price, currency, Brand, color, technical characteristics, customer rating or opinion … For an effective optimization of the SEO technique and guide the engines within your content, also enter your metadata (as seen previously around the site tags) for each page of your site. The most frequent: Meta title: title of the page, Meta description: description of the page, Meta-keyword: keywords to prioritize for the page. URLS AND DOMAIN NAME When they are created, your pages each have their own address which makes them unique on the web.

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