I regularly see messages on LinkedIn Oman Email List  from people in their fifties who warn about the galley of over 50s to find a job, and that it’s fucked up after that age. What a pain to read that! At 50 we would be screwed? Too old ? That’s good, it’s my age and frankly I don’t think I’m screwed, on the contrary, I even have the impression of having fishing, even big fishing! And at MV Group, we regularly recruit people in their fifties who offer us great stories on a daily basis . When we see the added value, we would have missed a lot of things and the group would certainly not be as efficient. At 50, we have many advantages! At 50, of course, we have grayer hair, but we have many advantages.

In particular , we have solid experience , we are hardened and we know how to deal with the most complicated situations . We are also more composed, more reasoned and more stable. We know each other better, we know what we are running after, what we want and what we no longer want. And at this age, children are normally older, which frees up time and mental load. It’s even a great opportunity to give yourself a new dynamic! But for others, it’s not just advantages For some people this age can be a disadvantage. Not necessarily age in itself, but rather habits acquired throughout one’s career,

À 50 Ans On A De Nombreux Atouts !

which can be difficult to give up if one wishes to adapt to a new business or to new technologies. But in my opinion, the main difficulty in the context of a radical retraining often arises at the level of the salary . Indeed, the person is accustomed to a certain level of remuneration, and therefore naturally seeks the same level. But when you change jobs, you don’t master all the skills expected for this new job, you are a junior. It is therefore inevitably that the company offers you a salary corresponding to your level of mastery of the trade. And this is where the problem arises. The company cannot economically or / and wishes to be fair with current employees by aligning salaries according to skill level.


Today, what is lacking for many is transparency to take the time to explain things , so that they are understood. No time to read this article? Watch Olivier’s video directly! What world do we want to build? Personally, I wonder what world we want to build. When we are young, we are too young and at 22 years old it is required to have 5 years of experience! You have to be 30 years old to find a job. And at 45, it starts to feel the pain, but at 50, it’s fucked up. Great, as we live longer and longer, the career should be 15 years. You have to be damn good at this niche.

Mais Pour D’autres, Ce Ne Sont Pas Que Des Avantages

But how to do without these skills, this vision? What social role do these companies play? How do people who share this culture get to sleep when the clock is ticking and their turn will come? It is a very French problem, since you only have to go to England to realize that the employees are just as young as they are seniors. This somewhat French perspective is certainly initiated by the fact that they have to work later for their retirement, but it is certain that culturally we do not think like them. We then end up with companies that need manpower, but curiously, do not even consider hiring senior people who want to work .

At 50, get in good shape! For me, this new course has not changed anything (it is true that I am lucky not to have had a health problem). At 50, I don’t have the feeling of having aged on the contrary, I even have the impression of constantly continuing to accelerate and of doing so with more serenity . Years of experience are an incredible asset. I have the impression of anticipating what is going to happen, of being more and more organized (it’s one of my passions, saving time , of benefiting from an exceptional network of knowledge which greatly facilitates things when you need them. Always passionate about the desire to learn and in contact with young people, I personally find that these years are my best professional years where

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