March 16. Thus, the activity of the agency can continue almost normally. All employees keep their telephone number and email address or can be reached via the agency’s main number, 02 97 69 07 43. In case of emergency, you can also use the Latvia Email Address email address of ‘Interactive ID Faced with this context, our team is at your entire disposal to help you set up collaborative tools to facilitate telework. For companies in the obligation to interrupt their activity, we can assist you to help you communicate with your customers via your website, on social networks, by newsletter or by SMS.

This type of site benefits from relatively simple navigation and includes the essential features of any website: contact form, image and video gallery, news module, etc. The simple showcase site is ideal for small organizations. It has an essential interest in the segmented presentation of your activity for better readability and allows you to work on optimal natural referencing for search engines. Price estimates for this type of project vary between € 3,000 and € 6,000 excluding tax, depending on the number of pages and the functionalities requested. HOW MUCH DOES A COMPLEX SITE COST WITH WORDPRESS? This category of site generally comprises 10 and 50 pages.


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It is a tailor-made site with dense content that is suitable for medium-sized businesses, organizations and associations that offers dense content or offers. It allows you to segment the content, to bring visibility to your offers for Internet users. It is generally recommended for medium-sized companies, or structures with a larger budget. The price of creating a site under in this case varies greatly from one project to another – from 5,000 to 20,000 € HT. HOW MUCH DOES AN E-COMMERCE SITE COST WITH WOOCOMMERCE? The extension allows you to add e-commerce features to a site to create a high-performance online store.


Like the development of a professional website, the development of a online store requires multiple technical skills to obtain an effective e-commerce interface. With , WordPress allows you to manage product catalogs and their characteristics and includes all e-commerce features and the banking interface to receive payments. In the context of an e-commerce project with , ergonomics are paramount to facilitate conversion. In addition to a neat site atmosphere, care must be taken to work well on the presentation of the product pages and the order funnel, so as to promote sales.


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For an e-commerce site with , the costs vary between 8,000 € for a site with a small product catalog and basic functionalities to 30,000 € for a complete project with several hundred products and synchronization with your system. commercial information for example. How long does it take to create a professional website using ? The time taken to create or redesign a site in WordPress depends above all on the nature of your project and your budget. While the installation and execution of the CMS can be fast, the graphic and technical design of your custom interface requires a special investment. Also, the co-construction of the project with your service provider, including the validation steps, the optimization of your image and text content is also to be taken into account.

Here are some avenues for reflection to objectively approach the issue of price for a professional wordpress website: For the creation of a site: The average creation time is estimated here between 15 days and 2 months. In fact, a OnePage site, unlike a classic site, has fewer features and the time it takes to integrate content is also less important. For the creation of a classic site in : The average creation time is for a showcase site of 5 to 10 pages estimated between 1.5 and 3 months. Indeed, a showcase site unlike a site requires more functionalities – among others, an appointment booking module or even a reservation functionality for hospitality trades, for example.

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