When a company launches a Latvia WhatsApp Number List  recruitment campaign on highly sought after profiles, it is necessary to redouble innovation and originality to stand out. To communicate effectively on its corporate culture, Mazars has chosen the format of the web series, broadcast on its Instagram account and its various social networks. We met Olivia de Faÿ, Recruitment and Employer Branding Director at Mazars to explain the details of this campaign. “Small blunders do not prevent great careers” Nobody’s Perfect is Mazars’ latest quirky and innovative campaign to appeal to future employees. Who has never experienced small moments of loneliness during a job interview, misunderstanding or misunderstanding? These crazy situations, experienced by all, are staged in this web series.

The job interview is still a must for all candidates who wish to join a company. For young graduates who are new to the practice, this one-on-one is often a source of stress, ”explains Olivia de Faÿ. With Nobody’s Perfect, the auditing and consulting company wishes to break with the “corporate” tone usually associated with the image of the sector. The message of this campaign? Whatever the small contingencies, nothing prevents great careers. “We want to show that the potential and the personality of candidates count more than a little clumsiness or bad luck,” adds the Director of Recruitment and Employer Branding.

“Small Blunders Do Not Prevent Great Careers”

At Mazars, we don’t stop at details that have no substance. We are looking for future accomplished professionals, experts in their field, able to build a career at Mazars and develop their employability there. ” The Mazarians lend themselves to the exercise Here, everything is homemade: the actors are real collaborators of the firm who illustrate in videos funny situations during a job interview. “A call for applications has been launched internally to find amateur actors among the employees, explains Olivia de Faÿ. In less than 15 days, 44 of them were taking part in the shoot. For some videos, the scenarios are inspired by real events and it made sense to have them played by Mazarians.


A post shared by Mazars Recruit (@mazarsrecrute) onApril 26, 2018 at 11:27 am PDT For the Recruitment and Employer Branding Director, this experience allowed employees to feel more involved in employer brand communication projects: “The employees who play the main roles of the episodes are now known to everyone. The impact is also felt on social networks as employees do not hesitate to congratulate their colleagues and share more videos on their own accounts. ” Objective: to attract millennials By choosing to broadcast its series on Instagram, the firm leaves nothing to chance. On the contrary, Mazars explicitly targets students and young graduates,

The Mazarians Lend Themselves To The Exercise

who are very active on social networks. They represent 70% of the company’s annual recruitments. The profiles sought come mainly from business schools, engineers and major universities. “Instagramers, who are more used to BtoC ads, can have a fun and original experience on a topic that is rarely discussed on this social network: the job interview. Instagram is one of the favorite platforms for Millennials. Our core target is widely represented there and the engagement rate with brands is very high. ” To date, Nobody’s Perfect has recorded around 400,000 views and

interactions across all social networks. The biggest performance remains on Instagram with a 45% increase in subscribers since the campaign aired. “We also receive very positive feedback from candidates, who tell us about the web-series during their job interview,” concludes Olivia de Faÿ.. Facebook specifies in particular that no call-to-action will be possible for the moment, the functionality should be available within a few months. To do this, simply complete the form below, we will get back to you very quickly if you meet the various selection criteria.

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