With the loss of third-party cookies and transferable user IDs, data is now trapped in “walled gardens” like Google and Facebook. You can still use the data – just not in exactly the same way, and only within the terms of the platform. This is where the concept of a data “clean room” comes from. For example, Google will allow advertisers to evaluate data within the Google ecosystem. Google’s Ads Data Hub lets you analyze ad performance and upload first-party data to segment audiences, analyze reach and frequency, and analyze different attribution models.

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This is certainly useful within a single platform, but there are still significant. Challenges to more comprehensive attribution modeling across different networks. We’ve seen the first examples on Google Pakistan Phone Number Facebook since the recent Apple iOS 14.5 update . The biggest impact will be on those types of ads that may appear earlier than the last click before conversion/sale for. Other types of ads, without cookies, advertisers risk being misl into thinking. The journey is over (last)-click activity ) is more efficient than it actually is.

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What this means for ad targeting For years, advertisers have been able to target. Audiences with data based on data aggregated by third-party cookies. This highly specific targeting has been one of the main drivers of ad spend shifting from traditional to digital media. The types of ads that will be most affected by the phase-out of third-party cookies will be. Those that rely on publisher-shared data to support ad targeting, including the following strategies. Programmatic display Multi-channel remarketing native ads Having a robust strategy for the collection and management. First-party data is critical to offsetting the loss of third-party data used for ad targeting.

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