by adapting to each type of form. While the pressure from the CNIL is increasingly pressing on the subject, this is a significant asset. The webform module also allows you to create validation checkboxes , but nothing that does not precisely meet the requirements set by the European Commission. Drupal vs Hubspot: performance difficult to assess On paper, Hubspot is much less of a “gas factory” than Drupal, which is said to be slower in nature. This means that the performance of a site developed under Hubspot will be better. However, the cache system implemented by Drupal allows end users to have a more than correct experience.

It is also partly “unfair” to Ukraine Phone Number List two solutions which are not generally used for the same type of site. Sites created under Drupal will often have a lot of content and will require more requests (which could certainly be better optimized, some PHP J developers will say). In addition, on the Drupal side, as you are masters of the hosting , the cache settings and the way you implement the templates, you potentially have more leeway to optimize performance . With Hubspot, you are often forced to only be able to optimize the HTML / CSS / JS integration (which is admittedly already a lot and responsible for most of the slowness of a website). Conclusion The two tools are clearly not used for the same purposes :

Finally, Concerning The Implementation

if you are looking for a simple , efficient, acquisition-oriented tool , with a limited amount of content, and for which you do not want to bother with technical considerations, Hubspot is clearly made for you (a bit like WordPress after all ;-)) If you need a more flexible tool, adapted to a great diversity of content, with business and specific functionality needs , and with a large number of contributors with different rights, Drupal will meet your need. In terms of ” contributor experience “, we would tend to say that Drupal is more “rigorous” and “structured”.


Hubspot is a little closer to a solution like WordPress, with a back office more accessible to newbies (easy-to-use media library, efficient front-office contribution, etc.). We nevertheless consider that Hubspot can however sometimes lose its contributor within its multiple functionalities. It also happens to be a little more frustrating because of its rich text block which is less adaptable than that of Drupal. Only the management of forms, much easier to handle on the Hubspot side, is an important element.

A Confidentiality Policy In Line With The Rgpd

These descriptions must be well written, with the right words (enriching the semantic field of your product sheet), ideally with elements of personalization . Avoid ready-made formulas such as “Very good wear resistance”! This creates an impression of superficiality for the buyer who is often in search of authenticity. Finally, give tangible proof of the superiority of your product. 1/3 of consumers have abandoned an online purchase for lack of product information The Shotfarm Product Information Report fromThe imperative use of notes and testimonies Consumer reviews are the third channel for finding information about a product or service. 88% of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase.

Customer reviews allow: complete, refute or confirm the trends observed during your user studies , improve your customer service , to improve the user experience, to reassure potential customers, to improve SEO (reviews create content and naturally contain long tail keywords). To convince visitors to trust your brand and your products, offer them to rate your products. E-merchants generally offer a rating out of 5. Show the average rating and the number of ratings in order to give credibility to the overall rating displayed. And above all, don’t be afraid of negative comments and ratings ! If all your products have a score of 5/5, Internet users will doubt their validity.

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