Discover how to create perfect color palettes for your stamping projects with these digital tools stamping is an ancient art that dates back to a period before christianity and was first recorded in india and indonesia. Other peoples, such as the phoenicians, the egyptians and the chinese, are also among the forerunners of this textile technique that embellishes and gives life to fabrics. Today, many years after its appearance, digital patterns breathe new life and offer countless creative possibilities for artists and creators. A nice example is that of the textile designer and illustrator marta afonso martajmafonso , founder of atelier karaka, for whom printing is a way of personalizing environments and products while preserving craftsmanship.


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For marta afonso, stamping is a way to personalize photo background removing environments and preserve crafts. However, before printing the design on the chosen surface, it is necessary to create the patterns that will make it up. And one of the most important steps in this process is the creation of the color palette. For this reason, marta shares in this article seven tools that will help you find the ideal palette for creating your patterns . Do not miss it coolers by creating an account, you can browse readymade palettes and store the created ones, either in superfast mode by pressing the space bar, the program creates a random palette or from images on your computer or the network. It also offers an adobe extension that allows integration with programs like illustrator and photoshop.

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Available for desktop and mobile. 7 apps BFB Directory to create color palettes for printing 4 coolors home page. Adobe color it is the official adobe application to create color palettes. Therefore, it also has integration with other creative suite programs. In it, you can create palettes by extracting gradients, hues separated into five categories and elements of the color wheel triads, complementary colors, etc.. It also allows you to search through other users palettes. Available for desktop and mobile. 7 apps to create color palettes for printing 6 color palette in adobe color. Colorspace starting from a color suggested by the user, the platform makes various palette suggestions. In addition, gradients of two and three colors can be created. Available for desktop. 7 apps to create color palettes for printing 8 colorspace interface. Picular it is not a specific application to create palettes.

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