Many situations require the creation Albania WhatsApp Number List  generation, administrative form, creation of generic contracts, etc. We have selected 5 software programs that allow you to create this type of file.The PDFelement 6 editor looks a lot like the Microsoft Office suite, you won’t be disappointed. If you decide to create a fillable from scratch form from a new document, you can create several types of fields: An editor allows you to choose the size of the boxes and the content of the form. You can also convert Word, Excel or other document to PDF form. PDFelement 6 recognizes the zones which correspond to fields and automatically transforms them into fields to be filled out. PDFelement 6 also provides its users with a free catalog of PDF form templates

practical for creating a CV, a business or auto-business invoice, an acknowledgment of debt, an inventory, a rental contract, a rent receipt etc.PDFelement 6 also allows the extraction of data from interactive forms, to Excel for example (useful for retrieving data from a customer invoice).The standard version of PDFelement 6 (60 €) allows you to create any type of PDF. You will have to opt for the professional version (100 €) to activate the automatic recognition of forms and to extract data from forms. Adobe Acrobat DC: the benchmark for creating PDF files It’s hard to talk about PDF files without citing Adobe Acrobat DC software . This is the benchmark for PDF editing: you can create forms from scratch , scan a document or convert a document into a PDF form

PDFelement 6: a complete tool to create a PDF form

Editing a PDF file is not as easy as a Word file. We regularly receive PDF documents to edit, and adequate solutions are rarely satisfactory: online tools are often free but rarely allow the modification of a PDF file (only conversion) and office software is often very expensive. If you do not want to invest between 15 and 30 euros per month to benefit from Adobe Acrobat DC, you can opt for the Wondershare PDFelement alternative . It is a desktop software for creating and modifying PDF files, it costs between 70 € and 100 € for a personal license and between 140 € and 200 € for a commercial license (it is not a subscription, you only pay once and get regular updates).


In terms of interface, those who are used to the Microsoft Office office suite will not be disoriented. The software uses the codes of Word, Excel and others with a grouping of functions in ribbon, at the top of the screen. Just click on Home, View, Comment, Edit, Page, Forms and Protect to access the various features of Wondershare PDFelement. When you create or modify a PDF file, a side panel identical to the one you know from PowerPoint allows you to view the pages of the PDF being created or edited.
The software offers 5 features: create PDF, edit PDF, combine PDF, convert PDF and character recognition.Wondershare PDFelement allows you to create a new PDF file. On your file, you can add text, images and links. The creation of a PDF file from a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document is undoubtedly the strong point of the software.

Adobe Acrobat DC: the benchmark

You can easily convert a file created with the Office suite, edit it on WonderShare and save it as PDF.You can create simple PDF files, but also “form” PDFs that your contacts can fill out. An interesting feature in many administrations and for many professions: it is easier to fill out a “form” -type PDF than to have to modify a Word file before sending it back to your interlocutor. All the usual fields are available, from the radio button to the drop-down list, including the free text field.Professionals often receive documents in PDF format and regret not being able to edit them. With PDFelement, it’s possible: just choose “Edit PDF” to browse your PC and open a PDF file to edit it. The software recognizes characters, objects and forms and allows you to modify them.

For the text, you can choose the font, the size, the alignment, put the text in bold, in italics, underline it… The text editor allows, as on Word and other software of this type, to adjust the space between letters or between paragraphs. You can also add comments to your PDF document, affix stamps that you can create directly on the software, insert shapes… You can also delete the elements of your choice (delete an image, delete a page In addition to these features, PDFelement allows you to digitally sign the document and protect it with a password. PDFelement also allows joining of multiple PDF documents. Just choose the files to combine, and you’re done. You choose the order in which you want to merge your files and the software creates a new file from the selected sources.

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