Are you passionate about animation? We Turkey WhatsApp Number List  have selected 5 training courses for you that may interest you whatever your profile (current employee, job seeker or student). If however this selection does not suit you, go to , the digital training site. After Effects Initiation in Bordeaux (33) or in your company Modula Training offers an introduction to After Effects lasting 3 days, accessible to job seekers and employees in post. On the program: getting started with the software, animation, layers, modes, masks and caches in order to master the main procedures and functions of a reference compositing software. Prerequisites are however necessary, namely a regular practice of virtual editing and computer basics.

To participate, count € 1,241 excl. Tax (fundable with the CPF). Illustrator – User base in Lyon (69), Paris (75) or in your company with Graph Land Learn the basics of Illustrator with Graph Land! Accessible to all profiles (students, job seekers, employees), the training leads to certification and lasts 5 days, in a center or in a company. To attend, count 1450 € HT (f inancable with the CPF). Do you want to add training to Helloskills? Make your request here. VR and augmented reality director designer in Paris (75) Whether you are a student, job seeker or employee, work-study training in the profession of VR designer with the Multimedia School! The course lasts 12 months, and aims to make you acquire knowledge in 3D to produce interactive content in virtual and augmented realities.

After Effects Initiation In Bordeaux (33) Or In Your Company

You will also learn 360 ° video capture and post-production techniques and be able to master the Unreal Engine to ultimately design a real-time 3D VR experience. Note that this 4th year of study is accessible to profiles with a Bac + 3 in specialized schools, universities and business schools, with good knowledge of programming. Count 190 € HT of administration fees to integrate the training. Bachelor in 3D realization in Nice (06), Paris (75) or in your company Opt for the Bachelor of Animation and 3D Realization with Itecom Art Design! Lasting 3 years, the training is accessible to students only and is geared towards key sectors of digital creation: video games and animated films. Along with learning the basic techniques necessary for professionalization, the student carries out one or more projects each year,


alone or in a small team. A common core is given in the first year before a specialization in the Real or Game stream in the following years. To complete this course, count € 6,950 excl. Tax (f inancable with the CPF) . Blender – Initiation in Toulouse (31), Paris (75), Lille (59)… remotely or in your company Dawan offers a 35-hour Blender initiation for job seekers and employees who want to learn about composition and modeling of 3D scenes, as well as lighting for composing still images. Prerequisites: mastering the PC environment and knowing additional graphic tools (Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator or Inkscape). Training is provided in many French cities and also remotely. To participate, count 1980 € HT! 3D Studio Max Initiation in Lyon (69), Clermont-Ferrand (63) or in your company OMS Training offers an initiation of 28 hours spread over 4 days, in order to allow employees .

Vr And Augmented Reality Director Designer In Paris (75)

the main features of 3DS Max for modeling and rendering (static and animated) of your 3D projects. In the programHowever, they communicate poorly with their employees. 57% of the employees surveyed never receive information from their company. 30% receive it from time to time and 13% regularly. The survey covers 630 respondents interviewed between January 17 and 31, 2018. Among them, 43% work in communication and marketing, 14% in development, 14% in project management, 13% in social media, 6% in design and integration, 6% in commercial and biz dev, and 5% in acquisition.Facebook’s corporate social network, will soon be available. March 2017:

Generalization of the “Branded Content” advertising format For several months, the “Branded Content” format has enabled verified pages and profiles to share content from other pages. In order to open the format to more pages, Facebook now allows to request format access to the tool via this link . March 2017: Facebook deploys 360 ° live video for all pages It’s official since today: live 360 ​​video is deployed for all profiles, and all Facebook pages. All you need is a 360 camera to stream video from your profile or page. March 2017: Stories and filters on Facebook, just like on Snapchat Facebook officially announces the arrival of stories on its mobile application. You can also add interactive filters to your face and choose to send your selfies to only some of your friends. March 2017: Facebook Ads

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