Discover what the systematic study of possible futures consists of and how it is applied to creativity we all want to know whats going to happen in the future, but some people make a job of that curiosity. In an era in which everything changes rapidly, there are knowledges, disciplines and arts that make the effort to both predict and redesign the future.

They then use that information to create objects, services, strategies, and even policies. Cecilia tham futuresynthesist is a biologist, architect, and founder of futurity studio. She has worked synthesizing the future for organizations such as nasa and the united nations and explains how a futuristic look is developed from design and how it can impact both the world of personal and global creativity.


How can you become a futuristic professional?

What is futurism and how does it influence art and background remove service design two the biomimetic architecture of the futurist neri oaxman. What is futurism futurism is a way of calling futures studies. It is a set of disciplines that make a systematic study of possible, probable and preferable futures. Futurism not only pays attention to the concrete but also to the imaginary. Which is why it impacts both science and art.

According to the specialist, in the last fifty years, the study. Of the future has gone from predicting the future to drawing a map of alternative futures to shape the desired futures both at external. Collective levels and at internal individual levels , that is, both what happens to us in our shared. Public life, and in the way things impact us on an intimate level.

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What futuristic professional profiles exist?

What is futurism and how does it influence art BFB Directory and design 4 training the futuristic gaze requires a method that cecilia tham teaches in her course. Is the future predicted or designed unlike what happens in the. World of superstition, in which the future seems to be written, from the scientific, rational and. Concrete point of view, there is no punctual future to predict but, rather, consequences to. Analyze and measures to modify or enhance what is to come.

While planning seeks to control and close the future, futures studies seek. To open it, reveal it, find characteristics that are surprising and that can be strengthened or weakened from the present. While many specialists and companies embrace futures studies to. Reduce risks, to avoid negative futures and to make things happen. That we fear the most, others actively move towards the creation of positive visions, that is, desired futures.

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