On the occasion of the Medialab Speed Vatican City Email List  Training in Nantes, web and media professionals came to present tutorials and feedback. The opportunity for many to discover the tools, practices and projects set up by their colleagues. We were very far from abstract conferences, where buzzwords are piling up and where the right word takes precedence over substance. The contents proposed by the speakers were particularly concrete and based on facts. 13 15-30 minute lectures have been posted on YouTube for you to enjoy. Public communication on Twitter Noémie Buffault , looks back on her experiences as community manager of the City of Paris and social media manager of the city of Nantes .

Raising a journalist robot: the case of Flint Benoît Raphaël presents Flint , the robot journalist. An experience that shows the interest of machine learning to offer content adapted to each individual. Shoot and edit a video with a smartphone Are you interested in videos? Find out how to capture, edit and broadcast sequences from your smartphone with Denis Vannier. Talk to your fans on Facebook Claude Bouchet presents France 3 Pays de la Loire’s strategy on Facebook and reviews the practices that work to maximize engagement. Adapt your videos on Facebook Now that you know France 3’s strategy on Facebook and that you know how to shoot, edit and distribute videos,

Create Media On Twitter: The Case Of Flashtweet

find out how France 3 adapts its videos to social networks, in particular thanks to surtitles. Tools for effective monitoring I present to you the monitoring tools that we use at the Moderator’s Blog, to identify the information that we share on a daily basis. Create new content on the web for its subscribers Eric Bullet is in charge of the monetization of digital content at Ouest-France. He details his strategy to maximize audience and revenue. Create media on Twitter: the case of Flashtweet Every morning at 7:30 am, Emmanuelle Leneuf broadcasts the 10 digital news on @FlashTweet, a medium available on Twitter and now on LinkedIn. Involve residents with digital tools Laurent Riera,


Director of Communication for Rennes Métropole, looks back on Rennes 2030, “digital tools at the service of consultation”. Running the digital lab of a daily newspaper Jean Abbiateci, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper Le Temps and in charge of digital projects, talks about the lab of the Swiss daily. Launch a pure local info player Far Ouest is a new paid local media, without advertising, halfway between journalism and documentary series. An ambitious project, presented by Flo Laval. What is the assessment of the “Nantes in my pocket” app? Francky Trichet, Deputy Mayor in charge of Digital at Nantes City Hall, presents the Nantes in my pocket application , designed for citizens.

Involve Residents With Digital Tools

a Google Drive bot and a Hangouts Meet bot, which facilitate interactions with files hosted on Drive and the Google calendar. Developers can also design integrations with Hangouts Chat. 25 bots were designed by third-party companies to help professionals connect their usual tools, from Salesforce for CRM to Trello for task management.. You have to go through the File tab , then Options to view them. But don’t hesitate to take a look. Many parameters can be modified, in particular you can: Decide not to automatically calculate your Excel sheet functions Configure the automatic saving of your Excel documents Modify the movement of the selection after validation of a cell Customize the quick access bar Customize the ribbon Convert a CSV to an Excel file

There are two possibilities to convert a CSV into an Excel file: you can right-click on the file, then Open with… Excel. Or open Excel, go to the Data tab , and click on From text . Then, let yourself be guided by the import wizard. Usually, data is separated by a comma, and texts are identified by quotation marks. But you can customize these settings using the wizard, as well as the format of each imported column. To master all the functionalities, you can take training courses dedicated to Excel which will allow you to develop your skills.The Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm has been modified to favor the longest videos. January 2017: Facebook tests the delivery of ads on the Messenger home screen

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