The concept is simple: a meeting between 1001 ideas and 50A and PAF makes the Distill ‘workshops ! 50A, an agency fundamentally attached to the Tonga Email List of co-working , now has around ten employees to carry out consulting. The agency is once again embarking on a collaborative project in the form of fun workshops.

How to involve citizens, and put it back at the heart of the democratic process to promote collective action? How to make politics more accessible? How to fight against privileges? Corruption ? Public spending which is sometimes indecent and mind-blowing?

Are You Late?

Distill ‘is a fun device based on innovative ideas spotted around the world in all fields of activity. The principle of the game is to question an idea by positioning yourself in different ways and to see how you can be inspired by it or practice intelligent copy and paste.

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Anne-Caroline Paucot is the founder of 1001 Ideas (as well as of Dico of the Future ) , a true distillery of innovative ideas. Addressing various subjects such as communication, real estate, food, finance, ecology ‘Anne-Caroline explores innovation as well as the attitude of individuals according to new technologies ( stressful : stress caused by news technologies), and will thus share its opinions on the various ideas discussed during the workshops.

The Events Will Take Place On:

The Distill ‘workshops therefore aim to bring together communication professionals, business leaders, digital players and to procrastinate in a fun way on subjects that rock the world today: virality, networks social (obviously) but also crowd-founding or new economic models …

There are three events and each will consist of the discovery of 10 innovations. They will take place at the end of May and during June, and you will be able to discover the result of this co-working in reportage after these brainstorming meetings!

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