Microsoft Excel is an integral UAE WhatsApp Number List  part of working life. It is indeed difficult to avoid the spreadsheet box for many common tasks: invoices, reporting, surveys, database management… Except that a risky mastery of the tool can very quickly become nightmarish and waste a lot of time. If you’re feeling cold in front of a pivot table, we’ve got you covered with a selection of Excel tutorials for all levels. Whether you are a beginner looking for tips on using basic functions, or an expert ready to manage databases, you will find answers in these tutorials. Some are in French and others in English, but they are all free.

To go further, you can consult these 2 articles: 25 tips for mastering Excel 50 Excel functions you absolutely need to know Microsoft Excel support excel1We don’t necessarily know it but Microsoft offers support for Excel with courses for beginners and intermediate users. We regret the robotic voice and soporific speech as possible, but these videos can still help beginner users. Note that the tutorials are all on Excel 2016, the latest version available. If the tutorials are not enough, you can also opt for Excel training to follow in a training center, in a company or even remotely.

Microsoft Excel Support

Open Classrooms: the basics of Excel excel-tuto2The famous site for free courses on a variety of subjects, but very tech-oriented, also offers a course dedicated to Excel. The course covers the basics of Excel, so don’t expect to learn how to create macros. But if you are a beginner, you will be able to learn the basics of the software. Video tutorial: formulas, operators and functions A 22 minute YouTube video that’s crisp and well done for beginners. We discover in pictures how the bases of Excel work. Advanced functions in video Attention, here we come to serious things! A specialized course of 2h30 to manage applications on Excel. Everything for novices, confirmed and experts on excel-tuto4Attention nugget! On learnexcel


, there is something for all levels. Beginners and experts alike will find tips and courses to suit their level. The resources are very well done and particularly clear. A resource to bookmark. Full of tips and tutorials on formula-excel excel-tuto3A blog entirely dedicated to Excel and its tips. There are many full articles on various aspects of the tool. For example, you can learn how to do pivot tables , learn to find empty cells, or create drop-down menus on several levels. We just regret the impractical ergonomics of the site and the unclear organization of the content. ExcelIsFun: a YouTube channel dedicated to Excel There are YouTube channels on everything, even Excel.

Open Classrooms: The Basics Of Excel

On Excel Is Fun, Mike Girvin offers 2000 videos of 7 to 15 minutes for Excel lovers. The videos are clear and done with professionalism (but in English). Excel Campus excelcampusStill full of resources in English for Excel pros. Most of the courses are free, and accessible through the blog. Videos of Bill Jellen aka Mr Excel Bill Jellen is also referred to as Mr Excel. It must be said that he knows the software by heart. He dissects how it works in detail in 2,000 YouTube videos. The bible: excel-tutorial5Another site from one of the greatest specialists in Excel. The site offers many resources for all skill levels, and many resources, such as a formula directory.

You can also find dedicated Excel training to learn how to master the essential features of the software.a “Split Testing” option for AB to automatically test its campaigns Latest innovation of the platform to facilitate campaign set-ups: the launch of an opt-in for Split Testing in order to test and optimize the performance of its campaigns. March 2017: Launch of “Collection”, a new mobile advertising format Facebook’s advertising offer continues to expand with the launch of a new mobile format intended for e-merchants: “Collection”. March 2017: Facebook Live: broadcast a live video from your computer, it’s now possible Facebook announces the possibility for all users to broadcast live video from a computer.

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